Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rogue Trader

Not the post I wanted to make today, but that's okay, you'll see that one later. Right now, I'm gonna tell you about one of the games of Rogue Trader I ran. Rogue Trader is set in Warhammer 40k, and it's the same game, but on a whole 'nother power level. Instead of working for an Inquisitor, although you certainly can do that, you are a member of a Rogue Trader Dynasty, and you usually work for yourself. Typically, one player is the Rogue Trader and everyone else plays the elite officers onboard the Rogue Trader's ship. Usually, you're the head of the Dynasty, but sometimes, you're just one of the many heirs competing for that spot at the top, GM depending.

So, in Rogue Trader you have a ship, and the Galaxy is your oyster. You're a power player in the universe, and your goal is to whatever you want. You can be a merchant prince, a pirate lord, a colonial governer, or just about anything else. In my campaign, nobody wanted to play the Rogue Trader character type, so I had him acting from the shadows, as an incompetant brat using the wealth of his Dynasty to score chicks and future drugs and leaves all the hard work to his officers. His officers were: An Explorator(A tech priest that explores the galaxy for lost human technology, and works to understand alien technology) based off of Hunter S. Thompson from Fear and Loathing in Vegas, an Arch-Militant(A fight without peer, an Arch-Militant could be a former military commando, a big game hunter that hunts the most dangerous aliens, a penetant criminal serving off his sentence through suicide missions) that was formerly an Imperial Noble born with a mutation on her skin that makes her secrete poison from her pores, she left her world when a suitor accidentally got touched by the poison and died, through hard work and dedication she's managed to make it as an Arch-Militant probably through lots and lots of trial and error. The other two were far more unusual, a kroot mercenary(Kroot are aliens that resemble dinosaur birdmen that evolve by eating other creature's genetics, they hire themselves out to anyone who can pay them) that was the ship's cook, and an ork mercenary(Orks are the biggest and the strongest aliens in the galaxy, always looking for a good fight, they sometimes join up with less orky creatures for the purposes of getting a better fight. Because it's no fun being on the guaranteed a win all the time.) as well.

The group's first, and only job was to find out the recipe to a new drug was, one that tasted good, and was highly addictive, but had no other properties. All they knew was that it was an orange powder, and when mixed into liquid, usually water, its full addictive properties were realized. So, they have little leads, except it's coming out of Footfall, imagine every hive of scum and villainy you possibly could, combine them together, and make sure they're all well outside of the law's jurisdiction. Then launch it into space. That is Footfall. Going there, they meet one of the Explorator's dealers, who says that he's got some of the stuff stocked up, and if they want they can have some. But he has to get access to it, which is a complicated process due to increased gang competition. The group accepts to eliminate his rivals, when they learn that their trade lanes are being attacked by orks, but not just any orks, these orks were rivals of their ork. So, in the interest of keeping their trade lanes free of orks, they take a small craft and patrol the nearby lanes.

What they find is a giant ork ship with Gork's(Or Mork's) face carved onto the front, charging toward their little ship! They can hear it, through space, the Orks are chanting, "ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ!" Their psychic gestalt making this possible, the mouth of their ship also opens up, clamping onto the side of their craft. The ship is burned open by plasma torches, and six of the biggest orks they've ever seen board the ship, and one ork bigger than that. They're here for blood. Sadly, the fight went through only one combat round, and then the game never went anywhere due to scheduling conflicts.

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