Friday, February 4, 2011

Dark Heresy

Since Warhammer 40k went over so well in the last post, or everyone has heard of it in some way, I figure I'll keep talking about 40k related things. And, in my opinion, the best thing to have happened to 40k is Dark Heresy. That's the Warhammer 40k roleplaying game. Imagine, if you will, DnD except instead of killing goblins for gold, you're killing cultists for heresy. The game has you as a conscripted squad of acolytes, working as undercover agents for an all powerful Inquisitor. Your job is to uncover the heresy, apprehend those involved, find out how deep the heresy goes, and to infiltrate and eventually uproot the heretics entirely. The game is a lot of fun with the right GM.

My first Dark Heresy was GM'd by Veteran Sergeant Gary Eraklin of the Legio Gary, and I played a female Arbitrator. Think like Judge Dredd, only in SPAAAAACE. My original idea was to use improvised weaponry to beat the ever living heresy out of heretics, however that went to hell when I discovered I had unnatural luck on ballistics checks. I got great rolls, almost never missed with my autogun, and I instantly regretted selling the shotgun Arbitrators get as standard equipment just so I could upgrade my armor. However, I wasn't involved in that game, and dropped out to help beta test the Trigger Discipline RPG. I played a few other games with that group afterwards, but I kept feeling like I was too far behind.

Fast forward to the present! I've played in a few ill fated Rogue Trader(Think like a higher level of Dark Heresy) games, ran a Rogue Trader game myself, having great fun even if the games went nowhere, and have had more experience with Dark Heresy as well. Currently, I am joining a new game as a Feral World Psyker with a shockmaul and a laspistol. Dunno what's going on, but one of the guys in one of my IRC groups offered me a position in his game, and I aim to take it.

The guy's name is Lokas Spiritbound, and is the odd man out of his family, not so much in not being a warrior, but not being the one choosen to serve in the Allfather of Man's Warband. Well, him and his older brother, anyway. He was discovered as a psyker, sanctioned, found strong enough to resist the Warp, and stood before the Allfather Himself to complete his sanctioning. His older brother was a murderer, and was picked up by the Inquisition. It was not known what happened to him until Lokas became sanctioned, found his records as a penal assassin, and learned that his crime was pardoned due to his untimely death. Lokas' father died in service as well, but his mother and younger brother are still fighting against the enemies of the Allfather. Lokas himself has served with the Inquisition for a long time, since he is in his thirties, I'd say atleast seventeen years. I don't know what amazing things he has done in his past, but I would imagine they're along the lines of what any Norse style berserker would do. He's looked at weirdly by the more Puritan Inquisitors and Acolytes for his homeworld's interpretations of the Imperial Creed, but his Inquisitior knows he is a valuable asset, despite his quirks.

The biggest quirk among them is that he believes if you kill someone, or something, and wear their skin you turn into them while wearing their skin. This has earned him some serious mind probings, but he's Emperor loyal, even if he sticks to primitive beliefs. A side effect of his Sanctioning is that his teeth have daemon wards applied to them, it makes him struggle to say the names of the Chaos Gods, and he stutters when speaking about daemons in general. He has a mask, probably made of someone's skin, that he keeps from his life back on his homeworld, and a ring of prayer beads as a reminder of his sanctioning.

So far, Lokas has not done anything, as I have not yet had my first session with him. I'll be sure to post logs, or something, of his adventures, so you guys can see where he's going.


  1. Just keep talking about 40k, i'm really interested by it

  2. I am excited to hear about Lokas adventures in your future posts! Can't wait!

  3. Lokas' lore is hella interesting.

  4. nice post, very interesting stuff

  5. Wow, Lokas sounds like a cool dude. Too bad for his bro :'(. This sounds like a LOT of fun. How could one get started?

  6. There are some pretty good Dan Abnett novels about these undercover groups of stuff, love the future Catholic vibe.

  7. Awesome post, really interesting. Keep it up.

  8. I haven't ever played a Dark Heresy game. I've played Rogue Trader a few times with a few friends.
    Interesting Character as well.