Monday, February 28, 2011

Creepy RPGS - FATAL, or "These guys cheated, so they're disqualified"

FATAL is perhaps the worst RPG you could play, and it is very creepy. Not just because there's lots of squick, but because of the implications that the pages suggest about the author. FATAL stood for "Fantasy Adventure To Adult Lechery" in its first run, the author explicitly stating that there's nothing preventing your noble adventurers from being a gang of rapists because "It's period appropriate!" That is a shitty excuse to make the game creepy as fuck, and worse is that in the name of alleged accuracy they make it not fun to play a female character at all. Aside from being weaker than Males in every aspect(Except "Charisma", but when FATAL mentions Charisma they really mean tits.) they also have no rights in society, and are almost all rape victims. No joke, you're pretty much not allowed to play a female that hasn't been raped. Another gem is that half of all men have raped in the FATALverse. Aside from standard stats, you also have a million other stats you roll for, such stats I cannot be assed to remember, and I value my sanity so I won't go digging through the FATAL core book. Some gems that you roll for are your character's cup size(If female), penis size(If male), anal circumference, vaginal circumference(Again if you're a female), and other pointless stats that serve no purpose. All in the name of realism,

Let us ignore the racist stereotypes, glaring historical inaccuracies, pointlessly complex character creation rules, other offensive stereotypes, and the generally retarded idea of making a "historically accurate" fantasy RPG, yet still include shit like ogres, elves, and sorcery. Looking at it just for the overtly sexual themes, this game is creepy, and combined with all of the above it turns into one of the creepiest RPG experiences ever. Not that cosmic creepiness, though, at least not in game. Looking at it from a metagame perspective, it shows that somebody with a deranged mind had made this game. What horrors could that man have seen that possessed him to create this horrifying tome, and even worse defend it as if it should be the new Dungeons and Dragons? This RPG is creepy in the cosmic sense because it shows that somewhere, there exists elder horrors that invade the minds of men, and turn them into horrible monsters that could think this is good.

Also, note that this is the one post in this series that lacks the "bias" tag.

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  1. Wow.. just.. what?

    I never heard of this before now but I can't believe something like this was even made lol.

    Kind of makes me.. strangely intrigued.. I kind of want to see what it's like now xD.